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What You Can Do to Keep Your Joints Healthy

If you’ve been experiencing joint pain, you’re not alone. In a national survey, at least one-third of all adults reported experiencing joint pain over the last 30 days. Joint pain can be debilitating — it can limit your mobility, impair your ability to perform everyday tasks, and negatively impact your lifestyle. Although joint pain is … Read more

The Importance of Warming Up To Prevent Sports Injuries

While you may be enthusiastic to begin your workout first thing in the morning, it is essential to condition your body first. You are more likely to get hurt if you start vigorous exercise with “cold” muscles. Proper warm-ups are fundamental to every training routine, regardless of whether you are a professional athlete, a beginner, … Read more

What to Expect When Getting Minimally Invasive Surgery

Do you have an orthopaedic injury that requires treatment, but the prospect of surgery is a bit frightening? You’re not alone — many people are reluctant to consider surgery, even in the face of a debilitating ailment.  Traditional open surgery can be invasive, and can also take significantly longer to recover from than minimally invasive … Read more