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Hip Replacement Recovery: Tips for a Speedy and Successful Recovery

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Your Journey to Recovery: Navigating Hip Replacement Surgery Hip replacement surgery is more than just a procedure – it’s an opportunity, a fresh start. It promises a life where mobility isn’t a struggle and where chronic pain doesn’t have the final say. But let’s face it, the path to that renewed life isn’t a sprint, … Read more

Understanding Hip Replacement: Types, Candidates, and Procedures

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At Thunder Basin Orthopaedics, we meet so many people, just like you, suffering from hip joint pain or mobility issues that make everyday activities a challenge. For some of these individuals, hip replacement surgery is a viable solution, offering a chance to reclaim their active lifestyles. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone who just … Read more

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How Serious Is A Hip Fracture?

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A hip fracture is a break in the upper portion of the femur bone(thighbone). While hip fractures can occur in younger patients, older people whose bones have weakened generally end up with a fractured hip. Hip fractures are painful and, with added complications, can be life-threatening. Several factories increase the risk of fracturing a hip … Read more

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How Serious Is Osteoarthritis Of The Hip?

osteoarthritis of the hip

Osteoarthritis is the most common type and is a degenerative joint disease. Most people who develop hip osteoarthritis are older when the cartilage tissue wears down, causing swelling, pain, and sometimes deformity. Osteoarthritis is often referred to as “wear-and-tear arthritis” and can happen in any joint. However, the weight-bearing joints such as the hip are … Read more

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What To Know About Osteoarthritis

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Osteoarthritis affects the joints when the cartilage, which is the protective tissue that cushions the ends of the bones and gradually deteriorates. The bones and joints rub together, causing stiffness, pain, and other symptoms. Osteoarthritis (OA) can occur in any joint, with the most commonly affected in the hands, fingers, shoulders, hips, knee, and spine, … Read more

Should I Have Hip Replacement Surgery?

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Hip pain is common among adults. In fact, the results of the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey showed that among adults over 60 years of age, 12 to 15 percent reported chronic hip pain. Among adults who play sports, the numbers increase to as high as 30 to 40 percent.  Although hip pain … Read more

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What Is Trochanteric Bursitis?

What Is Trochanteric Bursitis?

Do you suffer from hip pain, and you are not sure what is causing it? Maybe you have a pressure point on your hip and you can’t quite explain the reason?  Pain in the hip can be difficult to diagnose, as there are a number of reasons why it may occur. Trochanteric bursitis is one … Read more

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What is Total Hip Replacement?

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Hip pain can be a common occurrence at any age, from the elderly to the youthful, sedentary to physically fit. That is because there are numerous reasons why your hip may be in pain, anywhere from arthritis to taking a hit on the football field. But if you are experiencing persistent pain over a long … Read more

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What You Should Know About Hip Arthroscopy

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If you have a chronic hip problem, your orthopaedic surgeon might recommend looking into a hip arthroscopy for pain relief. But, like any surgery, you may feel anxious about going under the knife. Hip injuries and conditions are not uncommon. Unfortunately, many people suffer every day. At Thunder Basin Orthopaedics, we specialize in treating various … Read more

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