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Sports Medicine in Wyoming: How to Prevent and Treat Sports-Related Injuries for Athletes of All Ages

Sports Medicine In Wyoming

Sports, though full of adrenaline and excitement, can often lead to unexpected injuries. Fortunately, sports medicine serves as a lifeline, aiding in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of these sports-related injuries. The demand for sports medicine in Wyoming is high due to its outdoor culture, catering to athletes of all ages and levels. Overview of … Read more

From Sprains to Fractures: Understanding Common Sports Injuries and Their Treatments

sprained ankle on runner on a hike

At Thunder Basin Orthopaedics, we understand the passion and commitment that athletes of all levels bring to their chosen sports. As a caregiver brand, our mission is to provide nurturing, protection, and compassionate care to our patients, ensuring they can get back in the game as soon as possible. In this blog post, we’ll explore … Read more

What Is Achilles Tendinitis?

Achilles tendinitis

The Achilles tendon is a large tendon that runs down the back of the lower leg, connects your calf muscle to your heel bone, and is the largest tendon in the body. You use your Achilles tendon when you climb stairs, run, walk, jump, and stand on the tips of your toes. Although the Achilles … Read more

How Can Sports Injuries Be Prevented?

sports injuries

Many of us play sports at some point during our life, and it is beneficial for our mental, physical and emotional health. Playing sports comes with some level of risk and knowing how to prevent injuries and minimize risk is essential. The more often you play sports, the greater the chance of you having injury … Read more

What Is a Non-Healing Fracture?

What Is a Non-Healing Fracture?

A broken bone is painful and challenging to manage, no matter what age. The cumbersome cast, inability to use the limb to help the healing process, and various doctor visits can take a toll on a person. The news of a fracture that won’t heal isn’t something someone wants to hear. Even if someone takes … Read more

How Does One Get an Overuse Injury?

How Does One Get an Overuse Injury

Overuse injuries can be excruciating. They can also be hard to prevent if you use a muscle or other part of your body repeatedly on a daily basis.  An overuse injury is a damage to the muscles, bones, tendons, or ligaments from repetitive stress. Some of the leading causes of such injuries have training or … Read more