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What Is Synovitis and How Is It Treated?

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Joint pain can be debilitating if it is bad enough. Depending on the cause of the joint pain, those afflicted may experience mobility issues, which may affect their ability to complete the simplest of daily tasks. If you experience repeated joint bleeds, it can lead to other issues, as well. Untreated or poorly treated joint … Read more

Is Golfer’s Elbow Affecting Your Game? How Golfer’s Elbow is Treated

Is Golfer's Elbow Affecting Your Game? How Golfer's Elbow is Treated

If you’re feeling a sharp pain on the inside of your elbow, you could be suffering from golfer’s elbow. Also known as medial epicondylitis, this affliction occurs when you damage the tendons connecting your forearm to your elbow in some way. If left untreated, golfer’s elbow can turn even the most simple physical gestures into … Read more

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sports Medicine

Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sports Medicine

Sports rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary field that works to treat and prevent injuries that commonly occur from participating in sports. So, when an athlete has an injury, working with a sports medicine professional can help them recover.  We’re going to show you some of the top things about sports medicine that you might not know. … Read more

Why Sports Medicine Clinics Are Not Just for Athletes Anymore


Athletes are notorious for being hard on their bodies. The amount of damage in one year of a professional football player’s career can be devastating. It is no wonder why Sports Medicine became a specialty with the growth of athletic injuries on the rise, for not only professionals but also weekend warriors and active individuals … Read more

Why Do My Joints Hurt When It Gets Cold? Fighting Winter Joint Pain

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A Closer Look at Winter Joint Pain Many people enjoy cooler temperatures and look forward to the winter season. Unfortunately, if you’re one of the persons who experience winter joint pain, seeing the temperature drop is the last thing you want. There are more than a few things you can do to keep joint aches … Read more