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How to Pick an Orthopedic Surgeon

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You’ve been an athlete your entire life. From running half-marathons to the pickup basketball games and recreational indoor soccer league on Tuesday nights, you lead an active lifestyle and stay on top of your health as well.

That is, until you made a sudden stop, twist, and turn in your last activity and tore your ACL.

So now you’re making appointments and decisions as far as medical treatment and surgery goes. You’ve had several recommendations made, but how do you decide which doctor or surgeon to go with?

Orthopedic surgery is now more advanced than ever thanks to new technology and specialized doctors skilled in everything from knee replacements to osteoarthritis and lower back pain management.

You want to get back to your healthy and active lifestyle as soon as possible. Seeking the help of an orthopedic doctor or surgeon is the first step in recovery.

What should you look for in an orthopedic surgeon? For a successful treatment and recovery from your injury, there are several tips for finding the best orthopedic surgeon around.

Get Referrals

If you have a primary care doctor, they’ll have the best referrals for orthopedic surgeons in your area. Health professionals often provide the best advice and resources for further treatment that they may not be able to give you themselves. Referring you to another practice or doctor means they respect that individual’s skill-level.

Family, friends, and acquaintances you may know that have had similar procedures or issues may also be good sources of information and recommendations for finding an orthopedic surgeon.

Check Credentials 

Is the orthopedic surgeon you’re looking into board-certified? Do they have the proper education and training necessary for the job?

A board-certified doctor or surgeon will have the required training, skills, and experience necessary for any orthopedic treatment or procedure you may need.

State websites and are excellent resources for diving into a doctor’s medical credentials, history, and more. Research orthopedic surgeons thoroughly before making a final decision.

Check Their Experience Level

If a family member, friend, coworker, or your physician refers you to someone, reviewing the experience level of the person you were referred to is an important step in choosing an orthopedic surgeon.

Is this orthopedic surgeon a knee specialist, or are they a general orthopedic surgeon? How many patients have they treated for the specific injury you’re experiencing? How many procedures have been performed for your injury, and what is the success rate (without complications)?

The more experience the orthopedic surgeon has in the area that you have an injury, the better your results will be when it comes to the procedure itself as well as recovery.

Choose a Surgeon That Meets Your Location Needs

Do you want to stay close to home for your procedure, or are you willing to travel out of town for the best surgeon? Will you need rehabilitation following the procedure? How convenient will it be to get there?

Aside from choosing a preferential location for your procedure, you should also consider the quality of the facility where your procedure will take place.

Choose a surgeon that is at a hospital that you know you can trust. Top-rated hospitals and surgical facilities will likely have less complications and a high success rating when it comes to the recovery of their patients.

Ensure You Have Open Communication

Evaluate the communication techniques and style of the orthopedics you’re vetting in your search for the right surgeon.

If you find yourself uncomfortable talking to the surgeon or that you aren’t getting all of the necessary information regarding your injury, the procedure, and what happens next, keep looking.

The right orthopedic surgeon will respect the decisions you make about treatment and want to know your preferences.

Determine if They Accept Your Insurance

Financial knowledge of the procedure and any rehabilitation or follow-ups that may be necessary for your injury is obviously one of the most important things to consider.

How high will any out-of-pocket costs be? Does the orthopedic surgeon you’re looking at fall into your insurance coverage?

Find an orthopedic surgeon that will give you the most insurance benefits while keeping in mind the quality of the surgeon you are choosing.

Still Not Sure Where to Look? 

If you’re looking for the best orthopedic care in the Gillette or Douglas areas, look no further than Thunder Basin Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

Treating everything from fractures and traumatic injuries to joint replacement and sports injuries, Thunder Basin Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine gives individualized treatment using a variety of techniques to operate with less damage to the body.

Looking for the skilled staff and top surgeons to get you back on your feet and back in the game? Contact Thunder Basin Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine today. You can also find new patient paperwork here to get a head start on your orthopedic needs!