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Why Sports Medicine Clinics Are Not Just for Athletes Anymore


Athletes are notorious for being hard on their bodies. The amount of damage in one year of a professional football player’s career can be devastating. It is no wonder why Sports Medicine became a specialty with the growth of athletic injuries on the rise, for not only professionals but also weekend warriors and active individuals everywhere. 

The field of Sports Medicine has made astounding leaps in how to treat individuals for ailments large and small. Maybe a work injury has given someone a back injury or twisted a knee while transferring product in a warehouse. Whatever the reason, the injured person needs help getting back on their feet, and Sports Medicine is tailored to exactly that.

Sports Medicine Covers More Than Athletic Injuries

Wear and tear happens to everyone as the human body ages. Muscles and joints can often sustain damage from daily activities, even something as simple as taking the dog for a walk! 

Whatever the reason for your injuries, here are some reasons why you should seek out the assistance of a Sports Medicine Specialist:

#1. Muscle Weakness

The term “you use it or you lose it” is often used to describe the PTO policy at companies. This phrase goes for your body as well. Whether you are recovering from an accident or you are an elderly individual who doesn’t move around as much, muscles deteriorate from lack of use and need to be strengthened and cared for. 

Along with being unable to move about freely in your life, muscle weakness can affect balance. One side of the body not being as strong as the other increases the risk of further injury.

Sports Medicine has the tools to not only assist you in strengthening your muscles, but also in regaining muscle functionality you might have lost. By regaining muscle strength, your quality of life can improve greatly, and you can once again have increased independence in your daily activities. 

#2. Acute Injuries, as well as any muscle and joint pain or swelling

A torn ligament or broken bone is a setback for anyone, no matter what stage of life an individual is in. Moving may cause you pain, or your range of motion may be limited due to the injury, and you will have to relearn your body to prevent further injuring yourself.

The field of Sports Medicine has several programs in physical therapy to help those who need assistance with relearning their bodies. You and your Sports Medicine Specialist can create a program with a physical therapist to get you back on track and back to work faster.

#3. Beginning a Healthier Lifestyle

It is no secret the pandemic has set a lot of people back on their healthier life choices. However, the pandemic has also opened the eyes of many to their previous poor health choices and the neglect of their body needs over the years.

Starting on a new healthy lifestyle journey when you have been out of shape for so long could have the opposite effect on your body that you expect. Extreme diets or over-working out can cause a variety of health issues that can harm your body or persuade you to give up before you achieve any results. 

Looking after athletes’ health for years has given them the field of Sports Medicine insight into what can be done to keep the human body in great shape for activities and what limits a body has. The advice a Sports Medicine Specialist provides the information you need to safely grow into a healthier life without causing setbacks.

They also have tools for athletes who want to step up their game. The Sports Medicine Specialist can give you special conditioning routines combined with proper nutrition plans and recommendations to safely improve your athletic performance. 

#4. Further Injuring What You Consider “Minor”

Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s elbow can be treated by a primary care physician and sometimes can be treated without seeing a doctor by resting the joint. However, this type of injury can often turn into something more serious if left untreated.

A Sports Medicine Specialist knows how to keep you from injuring yourself further by providing care instructions, physical therapy, and proper maintenance to strengthen your muscles, joints and ligaments, and get you back in action.

Sports Medicine is About More than Sports

You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from the plethora of programs a Sports Medicine Specialist has at their disposal. Their stunning medical leaps can be used to benefit people from all walks of life to improve their health in a variety of ways. 

Thunder Basin Orthopaedics has outstanding Sports Medicine staff to assist you with your sport medicine needs. Contact us today for more information about sports medicine or any of your orthopedic needs.