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Fractures and Traumatic Injuries

Access to Specialist Orthopedic Care

Covering everything from simple fractures to more serious cases with multiple broken bones, our orthopedic specialists offer top-of-the-range interventions for traumatic injuries.

Access to The Care You Need

Through rapid evaluation and treatment, we are able to effectively and safely address your injury while reducing the potential for long-term complications from the trauma. We have advanced training and experience in treating non-healing fractures, pelvis, and misaligned fractures, as well as other tertiary care.

traumatic care

A Modern Approach to Fractures and Traumatic Injuries

When you have an emergency, you need to know that you’re in the best hands. Traumatic orthopedic injuries, including damage to muscles, bones, joints, and tendons, will need expert orthopedic care.

At Thunder Basic Orthopedic, we cover the full range of injuries from simple isolated fractures to multiple fractures. We specialize in injuries related to:

Ankle and heel fractures, lisfranc (mid-foot) fractures, stress fractures, talus fractures and toe, and forefoot fractures.

Including hip and pelvis fractures.

Fractures of the proximal tibia, thighbone fractures, and shinbone fractures.

Broken arms, and collarbones, elbow and forearm fractures, shoulder blade and radial head fractures and shoulder trauma.

Experts in Trauma and Fracture Care

Get Timely, Effective Intervention

If you have suffered a traumatic injury, it is essential that you receive timely intervention. This will help to minimize complications as well as ensure that the recovery process is faster.

Our team of highly skilled, experienced orthopedic surgeons are board certified, offering specialized trauma and fracture care with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced surgical methods.

fractures and traumatic injury

If you have pain, swelling or bruising following a traumatic injury, or discolored skin around the area, you may have a broken bone or fracture. Other signs of a traumatic injury include the inability to bear weight or move the affected part of the body.

If you have any of the above symptoms, please contact us for assistance.

Patients share their experience

I could not of asked for better people to help, I have been dealing with shoulder pain for more than two years, they have helped in dealing with insurance, adjusting care, and now setting up for surgery to repair my shoulder, they are professional even if your grumpy, thank you to the staff and Dr Al
Guy Lee Phillips
When I called to make an appointment, the staff was extremely nice. When I showed up to check in, the staff again, was extremely nice. Everybody PA, staff Dr.'s are extremely knowledgable. helpful and truly care for their patients. They do not rush you out of the office. They take the time to examine you, explain things to you, and ask you questions. Thank god for second opinions. Thunder Basin Orthopaedics is giving me my life back and the ability to do what I love most.
Sarah Gallimore
Absolutely amazing staff!!!! They were kind and welcoming, they even answered my many questions. When there was a problem with my release form they fixed it right away no questions asked.
Rosie Lee Krauter