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Sports Medicine – Why Is It Important?

Sports Medicine - Why Is It Important?

When most people think of sports medicine, they imagine that point in the game when the entire crowd is holding their breath. The athlete is down, and we aren’t sure if they’re going to get up. 

From the sidelines, a doctor rushes in with his bag — and we wait with anticipation.

That specialist is someone that we all recognize, and some people idolize. It’s easy to think that this is all they do, that they spend their days responding to immediate problems and injuries on the field.

However, sports medicine is about much more than just treating injuries on the field. In this article, we’re going to show you exactly what a sports medicine specialist does, why you should see one, and much more. Let’s dive in!

What is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is all about helping active people and athletes maximize their performance. They treat injuries, enable people to cope with chronic illnesses that could hold them back, and help their patients learn more about nutrition and healthier lifestyles.

Physicians that choose to specialize in sports medicine must undergo an additional two years of training beyond their board certification. The American Board of Medical Subspecialties also recognizes sports medicine. Physicians are required to pass a national sports medicine certification exam. 

Sports Medicine Physicians have special training and how to restore function to Injured patients. Their goal is to help them get moving again as soon as possible and as safely as possible.

They are experts in helping to prevent injury and illness in active people. 

These physicians work with professional athletes, but they also treat teens, children, and adults that are involved in sports or who exercise for personal fitness. They also work with people who have physically demanding jobs — such as construction workers. 

Sports Medicine Physicians are experts at keeping a body safely in motion. 

Why Should You See a Sports Medicine Specialist?

There are a few key reasons why you should consider seeing a sports medicine specialist. If you are an active person, either in sports or other areas of your life, it’s essential to understand when to call in a specialist instead of relying on your primary care physician.

#1. Acute Injury

If you have recently sustained a sudden injury, a specialist can help you determine the extent of that injury. They will examine the area and decide whether you will recover more effectively with or without surgery.

The right treatment after an acute injury can mean the difference between a quick recovery and long-term problems. Your specialist will help you plan the best course of treatment for your injury, goals, and health.

#2. Chronic Injury

Active people also commonly suffer from long-lasting injuries or experience areas of discomfort. These chronic injuries can often improve or be entirely resolved with appropriate rehabilitation methods. A specialist will help you identify and correct any biomechanical abnormalities or training errors that may be hindering your performance.

They will recommend a course of treatment to help reduce or even eliminate complications from past injuries.

#3. Injury Prevention

A good specialist can also help you understand why you received an injury in the first place. They look beyond just what was injured and determine how to potentially keep you free from injury in future events. 

The goal of injury prevention is to help you build better habits and avoid future injuries. They may uncover that your training routine could be leaving you susceptible to damage. They may also add things to your training to help strengthen weak areas.

#4. Enhanced Performance

Every athlete strives to be better. A sports medicine specialist can help you take your abilities to the next level — whether you’re just trying to do better in the gym or win a gold medal.  

They can connect you to a team of professionals that includes registered dietitians, physical therapists, podiatrists, and more. This team can provide a comprehensive and well-rounded approach that can help you to maximize your athletic potential. 

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