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The Importance of Warming Up To Prevent Sports Injuries

While you may be enthusiastic to begin your workout first thing in the morning, it is essential to condition your body first. You are more likely to get hurt if you start vigorous exercise with “cold” muscles. Proper warm-ups are fundamental to every training routine, regardless of whether you are a professional athlete, a beginner, … Read more

What to Expect When Getting Minimally Invasive Surgery

Do you have an orthopaedic injury that requires treatment, but the prospect of surgery is a bit frightening? You’re not alone — many people are reluctant to consider surgery, even in the face of a debilitating ailment.  Traditional open surgery can be invasive, and can also take significantly longer to recover from than minimally invasive … Read more

What is Total Hip Replacement?

Hip pain can be a common occurrence at any age, from the elderly to the youthful, sedentary to physically fit. That is because there are numerous reasons why your hip may be in pain, anywhere from arthritis to taking a hit on the football field. But if you are experiencing persistent pain over a long … Read more

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Signs That You Have a Broken Bone or Fracture

Signs That You Have a Broken Bone or Fracture

An untreated broken bone or fracture can cause several issues that can impact your life if not treated properly. Untreated broken bones can lead to lingering joint pain, infections, and even permanent deformities. Broke bones occur for various reasons, including falling, trauma, motor vehicle accidents, direct blows, physical abuse, and repetitive forces like running. In … Read more

How Is Torn Cartilage Treated?

One of the most common types of joint injuries is a cartilage tear, which can be quite painful, and can heavily impact your day to day life. The severity of the injury can vary depending on several factors, including the location of the tear and its size. The most common place for a cartilage tear … Read more

What Are Some Injury Prevention Techniques For Conditioning Routines?

Whether you’re an athlete or just looking to stay in shape, you want to stay on top of your game. You’re maintaining an active lifestyle, eating the right foods, and doing your best to stay physically fit. But even the most elite athletes need strength training to enhance their sports conditioning beyond standard workouts on … Read more

What You Should Know About Hip Arthroscopy

If you have a chronic hip problem, your orthopaedic surgeon might recommend looking into a hip arthroscopy for pain relief. But, like any surgery, you may feel anxious about going under the knife. Hip injuries and conditions are not uncommon. Unfortunately, many people suffer every day. At Thunder Basin Orthopaedics, we specialize in treating various … Read more

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What is revision knee replacement?

Knee replacement surgery is among the top successful surgical interventions in modern medicine. In most cases, revision knee replacements enable people to lead a lifestyle free of chronic pain. However, over time, a knee replacement may need to be revised as it starts to wear down or fail (a lesser possibility). We’ve been helping people … Read more

What Is Synovitis and How Is It Treated?

Joint pain can be debilitating if it is bad enough. Depending on the cause of the joint pain, those afflicted may experience mobility issues, which may affect their ability to complete the simplest of daily tasks. If you experience repeated joint bleeds, it can lead to other issues, as well. Untreated or poorly treated joint … Read more